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You’re probably wondering why we exist.

These are the values that drive us.


PropTech should serve decision makers AND end-users.

Often times the person who designed the tech-stack for a community isn’t the end-user.

That’s understandable, especially in big organizations; however, this creates misalignment between the decision maker and end-user. We believe any piece of technology you use should serve both the decision maker AND the end-user. You can have both worlds.


Multifamily marketing should be effortless.

We hate manual entry and hard-to-understand reports more than anyone. There’s a better way.


You should be able to easily understand what’s working and what’s not.

We’ve been there. You were promised the world and they didn’t show up. Your marketing partners should make it easier for you to understand what’s working, and why.


Your products should help you stay ahead of the curve.

You build your business based on a set of products, which makes it painful to switch. The products you use should be committed to improving themselves, so you don’t have to go through grueling transitions just to stay on top.


Leasing is dynamic, marketing should follow suit.

You deserve the tools to flex your marketing according to your community’s needs.

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