We’re some humans who think

Marketing success should be based on your brain - not your budget 

Our Mission

Help PMC’s lease more with less

In multifamily there’s this notion that in order to get more you have to spend more. We think there’s a better way to produce good marketing.

One where you easily connect with your best residents. One where your success is tied to how well you use your resources, not how many resources you have.

Flair founders Eli & Eden enjoying a drink at a multifamily conference

Our Values


CTR? MQL? PPC? CIA? We speak English at Flair. All IP is yours to keep.

Courageous Innovation

Never back down from a good challenge.

Grow 1% Everyday

We love progress. We’re not perfect - but we aspire to be. You can count on frequent product improvements, many at no cost to you.


Loving who we work with is not a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have.


We’re here because we’re marketing nerds. We think this is fun.