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The Tools Behind the Promise

Flair Connect

Automate pricing & specials in Google Ads & GBP

Automatically update search ads, price extensions, google posts, and GBP products from one place.

Real Time Pricing for Google Ads

Never update pricing manually ever again

Supports search ad headlines, descriptions, and price extensions. Save your ad spend and get better conversion rates.

Fair Housing Compliant Website Translation

Instantly translate your site to 20+ languages

Create a seamless leasing experience for all prospects regardless of their background, first language, or device.

Freakishly Good Paid Search

Trusted by 100s of Communities

Get more traffic, when you need it.

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Our mission is to solve your biggest problems with technology, so that you can focus on strategy

What our clients say

Avishai M.
Director at Afton Properties
Jamie G.
Solutions Marketing Manager, Strategic Holdings
Malcolm M.
Director of Marketing & Business Systems at Rhapsody Property Management
Stephanie S.
Marketing Coordinator at Westrum Development
Jerry N.
Director of Marketing at Pedcor Homes