Flair Connect

More leases, less busy work

Multifamily marketers use Flair to automate pricing & specials updates in Google Ads and GBP.

See how Flair Connect works

No, you don’t need to hop on a grueling “discovery” call before you see the product. We want to make it easy for you to understand if Flair is a good fit for you.

Multifamily marketers use Flair to lease more with less

Eliminate busy work

Automatic rent and specials updates means you never have to choose between omitting pricing or updating it manually.

Spend more time on strategy

Less time spent on manual updates means more time in your day to focus on strategy.

Improve campaign performance

Get more qualified leads by giving prospects the information they want. Deploy specials to multiple platforms in a couple of clicks.

What our clients say

Avishai M.
Director at Afton Properties
Jamie G.
Solutions Marketing Manager, Strategic Holdings
Malcolm M.
Director of Marketing & Business Systems at Rhapsody Property Management
Stephanie S.
Marketing Coordinator at Westrum Development
Jerry N.
Director of Marketing at Pedcor Homes